Monochrome Days

Monochrome Days is the work of ten years through which is undoubtedly my favourite photography. Since I started taking photos I tried to wonder why I like so much black and white ... and after a while I came to the conclusion that it represents the essence of this art. I say the essence, because by eliminating the color, the eye is capable to put attention onto many other aspects of the image. It looks like the absence of color gives a richness and a mystery to the photo that, in my opinion, is less usual to see in a color image. The contrast between black and white creates doors that open the space to silences and different rhythms, where true poetry can be found in photography. A whole story can be told in the image and even an untold story can also be seen in a black and white photo. These photos are a journey through the life of different cities such as New Orleans, New York, Madrid, Córdoba, Barcelona, ​​etc; and the faces of people who, most of the time, is seeking only for survival and of a few who try to search for aesthetics or something higher.

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